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2008-02-05 03:10 pm
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Caucus is today!! I'm so excited. I just want 6:30 to get here so I can go over there.

If you are old enough to vote, DO NOT FORGET TO DO IT!! If you live in a state with a primary, GO VOTE!! If you live in a state with a caucus (like here in Minnesota), GO!! Let your voice be heard!!


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2005-04-26 12:16 am
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The GREATEST Friends Only Banner in the WORLD!!!

The greatest Friends Only Banner ever created. THANK YOU SAMMI!!!!:-D

P.S. The majority of what you will read about in here will be the Minnesota Twins, Michael Cuddyer, Shane McMahon, Lew Ford, the Winona State University men's basketball team, my life and other assorted things.

If I interest you at all, feel free to add me. :)