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Caucus is today!! I'm so excited. I just want 6:30 to get here so I can go over there.

If you are old enough to vote, DO NOT FORGET TO DO IT!! If you live in a state with a primary, GO VOTE!! If you live in a state with a caucus (like here in Minnesota), GO!! Let your voice be heard!!


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That's amazing!!

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Yay!! :)

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I did, after like two trips and illegally parking 3 blocks away, lol. SO many people there... I'd say my line had at least 300 people ahead of me. So awesome!

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Yay!! Go Sammi!! And your first official election will be a historic one. That's just so amazing. :)

And go you for illegally parking. haha

300 people!? That's awesome!!

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Hey hey you you, I want to be friend you.

Wait, we're already friends :) It's Marlena. This is my new LJ. One I'll actually use. SHOCK GASP!

Love you! ♥

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Hey hey you you, I added you back.

yeah, that doesn't make any sense.

Yes! We are! :) Shock, gasp, indeed!

Love you too! ♥

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